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Just like a car needs consistent oil changes, an air conditioning system needs regular maintenance. Maintenance provides a more efficient system and may lengthen the life of the system. Here at Desert Sun, we provide some options to maintenance your air conditioning system and furnace. Whether you are in Casa Grande region year round or only here for half the year, we have a plan for you. 


On our maintenance calls we follow a 16-point inspection to insure that all checks have been made. Call or email us to setup an appointment for your A/C tuneup today!

Trane System check


Air conditioning systems do not last forever unfortunately. That is where we come in to fix any issues you may have in your system not performing. 


Our first job is to find out the issue (electrical, refrigerant, or ductwork problem). Next, we give you a solution or multiple solutions depending on the situation to get you up and running as soon as possible. 


Some A/C systems may still be under warranty, in which we can check that for you to help save you some money. 


Call today to get a technician scheduled in so we can help get you cooling or heating quickly! 

A/C Thermostat
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